rebecca maria

Hans-Joachim Bohlmann

is considered to be "the most vicious art-destroyer of the modern age," responsible for the vandalism of at least 50 major works of art in the 1970s and 80s, including pieces by Dürer, Rembrandt, and Rubens.

Using text and images from mass media reportage, this book is a reconstruction of HJB's life and legacy meant to challenge our perceptions of mental illness, vandalism, art, property and the media's role in it all.

For me, in the end, it's a love story.

Collected & translated by
Rebecca Goldschmidt
5" x 8.5"
28 pages
Color laserprint
Edition of 20

Also available at Skylight Books in Los Angeles, CA. 2.jpg 3_v2.jpg 4_v2.jpg 5_v2.jpg