rebecca maria

In July 2013, I found myself exploring the US-Mexico border with my partner, Matthew Furlong. In classic photographer/anthropologist collaborative style, we provided disposable cameras to a group of young teens on the other side of the border fence separating Anapra, the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez, and Sunland Park, New Mexico, just outside of El Paso.

The rapid growth of the city has created many makeshift neighborhoods like Anapra with few paved streets, limited access to water, garbage collection and other resources. Their view to the US side includes train tracks, a trailer community, a casino, a large amusement park and racing track, and the Franklin Mountains.

We exchanged images and stories through the fence, talked about school, snacks, boyfriends, girlfriends, Pancho Villa, swear words, cigarettes, drugs, violence, Border Patrol. On our final visit, we ventured to their side and celebrated our reunion with candy, watermelon, and a lot of hugs.

The following are a select group of images by Joselina, Fernanda, Miguel, Armando, Gerardo, Ángel y otros amigos.