As an artist and cultural worker, my practice centers around community engagement and support. Below are some of the projects I work with as a board member, collaborator, or teaching artist to provide program management, ritual leadership, and organizational support.

LAING Hawai’i – We utilize heritage language learning as a tool for social and political education. Our programming provides opportunities for cultural reclamation of ancestral knowledge as we work towards collective liberation and radical futures. LAINGÊ»s current programming includes Ilokano and Visayan-Cebuano language courses; Wellbeing Workshops to support health and wellness in our community; and Pakasaritaan Storyteller’s Corner, where skills and stories are shared by collaborators incorporating their native languages.

Queer Mikveh Project – Our kavannah, intention, is to reawaken the practice of mikveh, ritual water immersion, for Queer Jews as a living liberation praxis. Our values are to heal from assimilation and white supremacy by renewing Judaism through relevant embodied rituals and art, and their integration with social justice work.

Surface Design Association is an international organization focused on inspiring creativity, encouraging innovation, and advocating for artistic excellence as the global leader in textile-inspired art and design. Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of textile-inspired art and design through publications, exhibitions, and conferences.

The AjA Project is a compassionate space for young people, activists, visual artists and educators to engage critically with issues that affect our community and realize our collective liberation through participatory storytelling and the documentary arts.